A locked door to thwart my plans!

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone

I am taking a break from my major yardsale cleanout- yes it is happening this weekend unless something crazy happens.. I was going to start in the patio closet but … the door is jammed/locked and I can’t get in.. I had messaged David about a key and he says there isn’t one and he doesn’t know and he’ll check when he gets home so.. I guess I might have to get them to come down from maitenance to do it. This is the 2nd time the lock on that door has went whackers on us. I know last time they put a different knob on it and I thought it was just a privacy/passageway lock but I am not really sure. I know the person who put it in told David all about it but I wasn’t out there and I never really had any reason to know anything else lol. Either way, i’ll get there. I am thinking it might not be a big deal even If i don’t get out there because I don’t know but I am thinking it’s mostly clothes/linens and stuff in that closet but we’ll see!

In the mean time I have been working myself silly cleaning out stuff in the kitchen. I am trying to decide about getting rid of a few of our electronic things that we have on top of the cabinets that we really don’t use.. I know David had mentioned the ice tea maker which I think we should keep and just make more tea like we used to , but there is also a george forman grill (which I hate that thing it is so pain to clean) , and I don’t know what else but I will see what he wants to do with those. I actually did get quite a bit of random stuff cleaned out of the kitchen. I realize a few things that we need to get when we have a chance- cups and some storage bowls with lids. I think a lot of our storage bowls got mixed up with my moms when she has sent food home and I have gave her what I thought were hers back…and I am sure a few have got thrown away along the lines. As far as the cups go, I HAVE NO idea. I know as far as coffee cups a few have gotten broke and such but my regular cups? NO CLUE lol. I saw some awesome pretty ones at Dollar Tree a while back so I can always check there when I go to get some more!

I can’t even believe that I had as much as I did to clean out in there because when We moved I sent TONS of stuff -but mostly my nicer and breakable stuff to my parents house in virginia because the kitchen here is so much smaller with cabinet space wise (believe me the old place we had cabinets and NO COUNTER) Anyways…I also cleaned out a few random things in the bathroom and some random bras too. Right Now I am on a break because I am hot, and loosing steam! I will have to price all this stuff later today/tomorrow and get it over to my moms too. OY.. I was actually planning to go over there today but .. I got into doing all this so.. yeah lol.

I am LOVING going to the pool every evening ….there is literally NO ONE down there after around 8ish.. sometimes there are a few straggling children but they are generally the same ones and they aren’t rowdy/splashy and they stay on the other end of the pool so its not a big thing. Last night I would have stayed longer but my bathing suit top had a snafu so I just came on back to the house lol. Can’t wait to go down there this evening. I swear if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t like leaving marley I would probably go down there some in the day and just lay out and read books!

well.. I am off of here to grab some coffee and see what else I might be able to clean up.. I think David is off at 5 today so I need to get a move on/finish up start dinner and take Marley out too!