A long but entertaining week

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone

Is it me or is this the LONGEST WEEK EVER? I don’t know if it is because I am anticipating the Elevation concert on Friday so much or what but.. dude by the way I feel it should already be Saturday lol.

I didn’t plan to get up early this morning but Sam was being wild and crazy and ended up waking me back up right after David left/I went back to sleep so I finally just pushed through and got up. I have been working on getting various papers together for my lawyer and coming up with a list of questions a mile long at the same time of course. We will be filing this stuff on the 12th and after that I won’t really have to be worried anymore thankfully 🙂 like i say its nothing but a thing and it will be done and over in less than a months time so no biggie!

Yesterday was kind of interesting I guess lol. I hit this sharp spot in the carpet in between our bedroom and bathroom and fell lol. it got me right in the soft spot of my foot. Thankfully no bruises or broken bones or anything!  Counter that with where I dropped my tablet on the corner of my eye sunday night.. tableting in bed can be dangerous lol.

The also came and put these pins in our door that make it swing closed automatically .. apparently it was supposed to do that all along? lol the things you learn after living somewhere for 15 months right?

My mom came to work out and she brought me fries and I have been wanting fries FOREVER but these were a serious bummer ugh.. get it together Mcd’s I ate them anyways since my mom did stop and bring them for me i didn’t want to be rude. David said he ate there for lunch (like 30 min before me) and he said they were horrible then too!

While i was down there apparently Marley decided to raid the trashcan for food.. I didnt know it at the time because there was no evidence that she had been in the trash can until she threw up around 5 something TWICE and it was just TONS of pasta from the night before…

David and I had to run out and do a few things and when we got back Marley had been BACK in the trash ( i really should have taken the bag out or moved the can) and had threw up AGAIN (which was probably from the first time she had been messing around) She also threw up this morning! I guess when you gorge yourself on trashcan food that happens .. I do feel bad for her but I think she is TONS better than she was thankfully!

At least this weekend should be fun with the concert -David is taking off of work Friday so we can head out VERY early because I don’t want another panic induced from being afraid of heights thing like when we were there before. Also I would like to find somewhere to park that isn’t too far off or expensive at the same time..good luck on that one though it is charlotte!

well.. i am off of here to have some lunch and I think my mom will be over my way soon to workout and I usually go up there with her.. I might end up making David something for lunch if he comes home (not sure) and he might even bring me lunch so who knows lol then.. i am going to go through clothes I am gonna put them in the elusive yardsale and if they don’t sale which i tell you all the time it is unlikely.. I will donate them to the thrift shop I found up the road 🙂