A New Project for My Blogger Friends ! Come Visit Social Blogging Society & Join up!


I don’t know if you noticed but at the bottom of the site I brought back my “other projects” section. I need to add the button for Southern-Belle there but.. I already added the one for Social Blogging Society! I let BE go ahead and die out- let’s face it over the years there were too many cooks in the kitchen and I strayed from my original game plan and I personally never was happy about that- even though I just tried to roll with it, it totally went away from what I originally intended it to be.

I am not saying some of the ideas weren’t ones that I didn’t come to enjoy and it was really an awesome time as long as it lasted but I did decide that it was time to let it die out and start over. Sometimes when you find someone just as like minded as you and plan things out for a good while before you just rush right into it with no real direction, which is EXACTLY what happened with BE! That’s why I am glad to have Charli as my right hand gal on this one!

Sometimes when you try to start a project back over that has the same name it seems like it is cursed and no matter what you try to do it just won’t work , and that kind of happened with BE. I admit a lot of things that went wrong there were my fault: letting people in that I knew I couldn’t get along with (well mostly that they couldn’t get along with me even though I gave them plenty of chances!)

I would like to take a minute and thank FEE for everything that she did to try to help BE survive with me!  I truly appreciate everything you did and when I am talking about Drama and Bad Blood and going in directions I didn’t want to go it doesn’t have to do with her 🙂

I guess in a way this is like BE rebooted.. but with more planning and someone who I have been talking to for a LONG time who has the same game plan and goals as I do. I don’t feel like I will get pushed over and not be able to ever voice my opinion, and that right there in itsself means a ton to me!  This project has actually been in the works for close to a year, ever since I kinda came to my last straw with BE

I am hopeful to see lots of my old BE friends join up and I hope we can manage to find us some “new blood” as well. I hope we can have some google hangouts , build up our blog and all the things that I had originally hoped for from BE and then some. I am actually going to dig up my old BE blueprints … so fun to know that all those thoughts and ideas won’t go to waste.

Now- If you would like to come by and check out SBS that would be AWESOME we would love to have you! If you are an established blogger, would like to know more about blogging, start your own blog ,etc you are more than welcome to join! When you sign up we will send you a email with a badge and an invite to our exclusive facebook group.

I will tell you from the get go SBS is not your common blogging is professional, blogging is a business type of group. We will mainly be focusing on the Social part of blogging- reading blogs, commenting , making friends, sharing eachothers content and that type of thing.  There will be opps and such along the way I am sure but that will not be our primary focus AT ALL.

If you want to find out more though stop by and find out more info! Invite your blogging friends!

Social Blogging Society