A very stressful sittuation

I had a long and stressful day yesterday & today! I really don’t want to go into any details at this point except to say I made a mistake I suppose you could call it, and this mistake has costed me $225 of MY OWN MONEY and I am having to get my mom involved to get it back. If I get to where I can write more details without being upset I will write them here later.

David’s dad moved down yesterday. It didn’t really take all that long.. we went to biglots and got 2 nice loveseats and a bed..and a ton of random things like pillows and such. Then we went and got it all moved in, went to eat. Then david and I came home for a  while davids dad and uncle went to walmart and to buy a scooter. We went back over there later own and helped him set up a bit…came home and went to bed.

This morning I had a bit more stress, went to my parents for a while because the breaks on my car were acting wonky and my dad helped david fix those.Mom fixed my hair, and thats about it. I have missed tanning a ton this week, and I have got to get back on track. I am going to def. go tomorrow, and then I know my mom will take me when she has to come over to take care of the sittuation on monday. Maybe I can get Jason to take me one day this week if he gets over his plague and david doesn’t care …I really am glad I got the more powerful bed package and started laying 20 min instead of 15. I guess it really helps me make up for lost time !

Well i’m out. it’s 821 and I am going to wind myself down for the day. I hadn’t made a real blog on the weekend in forever, and with my influx of paid posts I figured I would 🙂 catch ya later