A week without blogging…

Well I have def. been laying low on the blogging this week haven’t I?

Monday I went out with my Mom, and ended up going home with her so I could get her to color my hair. No real change, a little bit more red but that is because my hair pulls red. Mainly, I was just trying to cover up a TON of gray roots! I think the last time I got it colored david’s dad was in the hospital in charlotte so..it was past due for real!

Tuesday & Yesterday are a blur. I have been having daggone nausea for the past few days. Before you even go there with me about being pregnant, which I wish were the case..I took a test and it was negative. HOWEVER usually when I take one, I start my period the same day(Irony right?) This time it hasn’t happened! I think maybe I took the test too early? Wishful thinking, i’m sure. It was also weird that my dad asked me if I was having morning sickness LOL

Speaking of my dad and odd …The man done and went and got a facebook account! I thought I would DIE OF SHOCK. He has never been a computer person, and let alone a facebook type of person. It is so funny because he has about 70 friends and he messages me in the evenings before he goes to bed

Today is flying by for some reason, and I haven’t managed to do a thing in the world.but I really don’t care 🙂

More Later Gators!