accomplished for a “monday” on a tuesday :) (and after a holiday weekend!)

DRlogofor ARWhen I woke up this morning, I didn’t think I would accomplish as much as I have today! I generally don’t do well if I get a late start, but somehow another things just have kept flowing and going and here it is almost 9 and I have wrote a sponsored post (it hasn’t went up because I have to add something and I am negotiating a price too) 2 reviews (Well a review and a recap) and now I am sitting here writing you a general rambly post 🙂

I am trying to work on another review, I have sent out several emails today about various things, put away a few towels, made dinner..and I don’t even know what else! I don’t know if it will be possible but I would LOVE to finish another review tonight if I could and then get about 2 done tomorrow. I might go ahead and schedule/post my wordless wed. Got to love busy days. I am not really able to concentrate on the review I am trying to write right now and I might just quit or start on a different one!

I am SERIOUSLY considering getting out there in my closet /wherever else and try to do a yardsale this saturday at my mom and dads but I don’t know.. need to check the weather and see if My mom could get some change for me to use for it. I don’t have ANY money I could use to get any at this point. I know I can always use my paypal card reader and that would probably help out with generating sales and such so we will see. Def. want to have one sooner than later..

I am currently worried about something I can’t really go into detail about and thats kind of why I have winded down for the night. I can’t help that I care more than the person it directly involve but it relates back into me and my well being and what not and yeah.. I just .. OY. Sometimes I wish I could seriously .. I don’t even know!  It doesn’t directly have to do with money , but it kind of does and I am telling you sometimes I wonder why some places let people who have crap credit even try to get anything! I hate being vague, but.. it really isn’t worth getting into full fledged!

Right now I am cuddled up with marley on the couch watching pretty little liars (new season starts NEXT TUES WAHOO!) and I am about to get me a snack and see if I want to keep going or wind down. I know David has to start going into work at 630 so we will have to adjust going to bed to deal with that .. fun stuff… Davids Vacation resets next week so thats cool and I am REALLY hoping we get some rain because of my mom and dads garden too. Ok.. well I got all that out so I am off of here for now.

Later Gators!