again? are u kidding me?

well blue hell we just cannot win with the money sittuation
because my husband is an IDIOT. or maybe I am. or maybe we both are I don’t know. good thing we’ll be moving soon!

heres the latest. I checked the bank to see how much money we had. why i even bother anymore I have NO idea. it just brings me down.

looks like david spent 40 bucks BOWLING with scott last weekend. what the blue hell!>? yeah…

that brings me to another rant. now i have been married for almost 2 years. things arent as interesting as they might have once been for me and david . I will be the first to admit that we need some spice in our life.

but what married man needs to go hang out with the boys every damn friday and saturday night (ok not every but for the past 3 weekends this time around) and not just one night, both nights..till 3:30 AM! yeah. one weekend they went to a club, which i found out through the online banking. i knew he went bowling I just didnt know it was that much!

well he had his last weekend of fun on that level. it is OVER. if he wants to go somewhere and waste money he’s gonna have to take me with him.HA TAKE THAT

oh i wont even go into the fact i found a f-n condom wrapper in my dryer lint trap..i don’t know. they are the same kind as the health dept gave me back when i was having all my problems and they wanted me to have protected sex. but still wtf???

and why the hell do i get up and pack, let alone buy the things to make a lunch for him when its 8 bucks here and i even found 16 bucks to subway? WHAT? do we need to buy the entire world food or what?

ok i am done ranting for now. i am gonna eat. more latter


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    aww hon *hug* sounds like you are going through a though time the now – wish could help.
    I would flip if i found a used condom wrapper! The air would be blue in this house lol and Lee would prob be v.afraid =) Hope you quizzed him about and get things straightend out.#x

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    Thats awful he is spending so much time with his friends and out of the house.. But perhaps he just needs something to do?? I dunno… My husband doesn’t go hang out with his friends or party.. All our friends are mutual and all married with kids…

    A condom wrapper? That isn’t a good sign. Hope you spoke to him about it, or at least asked wtf????