all settled

here I am here I am! lol
so sunday we moved the majority of what was left. my parents came with the truck and got the bed and some of the larger things. david and i moved some things in the car. then we went back and my parents took some more and david and i took some more. then we came back here got things settled and went and ate. my mom saw shadow when she was getting something out from under the floor before she came to my house but then we didnt see him anymore.

monday my mom and i went to the thrift shops (they sucked, didnt have anything!) then we went to the grocery store. still no shadow

tuesday we went up to my house. i had to go to school and then we spent three more hours on top of that (a total of 4) cleaning up my house and getting the remainder of my stuff. i had my gas shutoff (they were fast they came while i was still there!) when i got through there i had to go get my name changed at the utility place (so when my deposit comes it comes in my married name)I also changed the address there and with the post office.then i went and turned in my keys and changed my address there…so i can get my deposit back. still by the end of the day no shadow!

wedneseday (yesterday) we went through all the yardsale things..we went to the thrift shop to donate somethings. then when we came back i got the best suprise ever! shadow man came home! he was behind the the covers i had the washer and dryer covered with. i was BEYOND excited. he was so tired and hungry. he ate about a whole can of food! then i spent an hour with him outside and he slept for most of the evening. i figured he’d go out last night but he didnt. he was here at 6 this morning and he’s been here all day!

i also sold my washer/dryer for 100 bucks yesterday. my 400 deposit from the apt came today as well. now just waiting on the utility one which will be a while because of the way the bills run!

oh heres a good one for you. we over drew 440 bucks! and it WAS NOT our fault. stupid freaking bank of america took out ANOTHER 300 buck credit card payment without permissioN~! so i got it back. then when it cleared bbt did an investigation and gave me the 140 in overdraft fees!

so in all a good week. i’ll be around to comment tonight/tommorow πŸ™‚ i’m back. arent you excited lol ?? heres a picture of me and my baby from yesterday

Shadow & Me 04/29/09


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    Awww, yay, kitty. πŸ˜€ I bet he’s happy to be back too!

    Sounds like moving’s been going pretty hectic, but at least it’s all settled down now πŸ™‚

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    yay your back =) sounds like things have been going great this week so far for ya what with finding shadow and the money stuff – yay!

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    I’m glad you’re back! I am glad you are all moved in and it went well. That picture is super cute! <3

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    idk but i have this weird dislike for cats. makes me shiver a bit. brr..
    anyway, we’re moving too! but some papers are being fixed so we havent moved our stuff yet. it’s tiring. -_- πŸ™‚