all the random. thanks sleep!

Hey Everyone!

Well oddly enough when David left I was pretty awake! Since Sunday we have managed to sleep through the night Monday, Wednesday and last night. … I am hopeful that the trend continues!  His meds should be kicked in pretty decently by Monday of next week (and I am glad we found out you can NOT take these meds at night.. because we didn’t know that). I am happy that things seem to be going better on that front for sure!

I just have a few random things i’d like to get done today like cleaning out my deep freezer (my mom got me 40lbs of chicken from zaycon again + I am reviewing 10lbs of their chicken sausage patties)! I would like to maybe work on my holiday gift guide page, a summary of the TN trip and maybe one of the two reviews I am currently working on. I have a feeling it is gonna be one of those hodge podge days and I am o.k. with that especially with the way I have been lately!

The weather is still cool and somewhat dreary. …I don’t mind cool and sometimes I don’t mind dreary but not so many days in a row!  I think I am going to see if my mom wants to come over for a little but today too. She had got a few things for me the other day at the goodwill and she hasn’t been over this week.. and I don’t think I am going to be over there this weekend since David has church volunteering this weekend. We also have a bath scheduled for Marley tomorrow so.. yeah it isn’t looking promising lol. I also wanted to show her the few things I got when David and I went to GW the other night!

I have something to look forward to. I helped a tiny bit helped.. put together a local blogger meetup next thursday night! I was hoping we could have it here at the clubhouse at my apt but it had to be during business hours (though I am pretty sure I have saw people doing stuff up there after hours— I guess that is my thing for being honest and asking! Because truthfully we do have 24 hr access to the clubhouse so there prob isn’t anyway that they can stop people from doing whatever and whenever!  Anyways, I am looking forward to it. Sometimes getting out and being among other bloggers helps me with getting inspiration and all that good stuff ..which I feel that I have been low on lately.

We are going to have an awesome fall blogging challenge for BE.. and maybe another one too. I know the fall one will def. fit in here obviously. I need to use something to get SB some content so.. we’ll see how it goes.

well …as always more later