allergies day gazillion..

Today is yet another day i’m laying low net wise. The allergies are just killing me.. I am telling ya it’s kind of like I made it through cold season to have to suffer through this mess?

I wish I could take zyrtec instead of claritin but it doesn’t work for me. And of course it takes clartin 2 weeks to get into your system! Bah!

Right now I don’t have long before david gets off of work. I have things laid out to make spaghetti/hilshire farm beef sausage with but WHo knows if he will actually want that or not… he did get paid today so.. maybe we can grab something cheap and quick out and about? I do have to go tanning today because I missed sunday and yesterday.. sucks because I could have actually made it both days.

I have been making my minutes last as much as possible because who knows how and if I will be able to buy a package when the minutes are up. I am trying to at least make it till April…I have only laid 15 min in the 20 min beds. Seriously though when it’s time to buy my own package i’m not wasting my time with 20 min beds. 15 min beds are so much better!

I am trying to figure out what kind of stuff I need to get done before david gets home.. the only thing coming to mind is to try to sweep sam’s floor and get him some food/water.

My hair is uber mad because my mom just colored it. It is like a puff ball. it is drenched in conditioners..There isn’t any use to try to straighten it.. It really needs cut .. I am trying to hold out on it though… I am gonna most def. put layers in it for the summer.

well hope to see ya around soon.. gonna get off here and try to figure out what needs to be done!