An office space makes me excited…no really!

Have I mentioned I am planning to turn our extra room (sam’s room) into a office? I already have some office-ish things in there like a desk, and such (though, in honesty a chair would really be the most welcome addition!)

I am sick of wasting my online time multi tasking when it really isn’t multi tasking on some sort of productive level.  I am really bad to set out to do a review and get distracted by doing something else in the house (esp. downstairs) or even start watching something on tv, and bam next think you know it’s dinner time and I haven’t accomplished a thing I set out to do that day!

I finally have a printer as well, for the first time in .. um.. years? I am very excited about that addition to my world as well. I see this as a productive thing for me having an little space to simply go to do my work and all that! I am quite excited as well. As far as the printer, now when I see something I want to print out I will be able to do it!

I need to figure out which way I want to rearrange things in the room and figure out if I want to bring up the marker board from downstairs or not..ahh.. possibilities. I think another reason I am excited is pretty much there is not a way in the world that any other room in our house could be rearranged but this room can!

I have spent a couple of hours up here this morning and I have already pretty much finished a review! (it needs spell checked, links added and a pic inserted) I also took a break in between to talk on the phone a few minutes, wash dishes, put clothes in the dryer )

Right now, I am thinking about laying down a few minutes (lately I do that and after about 20 minutes I get up, no nap needed! ) Getting the review up after while (hopefully) and going to class tonight if I can (my hair is a wreck and needs my moms cutting attention …I really hate to be out of the house lol) If I do happen to nap that’s fine too. Dinner is taken care of in the crockpot (BBQ chicken) and I will throw on some brocolli and potatoes after 5!  The only other thing on my agenda really is to keep stalking my email and vacuum the rug downstairs!

Well, i’m out for now catch ya latter!