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O.K. I have started SEVERAL MULTIPLE attempts to post a blog within the last week, but honestly things have been really hectic, and when I haven’t been busy I have been run down as can possibly be.I SWEAR after this post is written I will be making commenting rounds to at least a few of you, and hope to be finished up tomorrow!

I will start you off with last Wed. I checked my phone when david left and had missed 3 calls from my mom. I was like o.k. she must be wanting to come over and go shopping or..maybe something bad had happened. It was the second one. My Aunt (My Mom’s Brother Dennis) Wife had died about 1 a/m. It was VERY unexpected, she had only went to the hospital because she thought that she had food posioning! Also, she wasn’t my favorite person but hey she’s my uncle’s wife + she had two children from her other two marriages …so. (She’s only been in our family about 6 years) Also my uncle just lost his grandma (my g.grandma) pretty much exactly 8 months ago.. so yes, very tragic and we don’t exactly know what happened yet.

I didn’t go up there for the funeral, basically because she wasn’t a blood relative and at this point we already had plans for the weekend…I did all I could to keep peoples facebooks updated and try to help with getting money for my uncle to pay for the funeral since they had no insurance,etc.

Thursday david came home early because he has been having some kind of itch fest and can’t get any sleep. We ended up going to get his dad for the weekend. Boy did I not tell you that was gonna be a pain in the ass to start with or what? It took us longer to go get him than we thought because we ran into sleet, and stopped to eat. To top us off they wouldn’t meet us somewhere like walmart or something. No they wanted us on all these damn backroads where the navigation on my phone wouldn’t work because we couldn’t get signal..and it was getting dark. so we were like 1hr behind because of the eating/weather and lost! UGH

Finally got home..Friday, Saturday and Sunday are pretty much a blur. I really don’t have anything to say about them Sunday I went with my mom to CVS and got a really good coupon savings deal. I have a pic and plan to make a seperate blog with what I got and how much I paid and my savings % you will be shocked i’m sure.

The last couple of days I have just been WORE Out and with the weather i’ve been sleeping. I’m trying to get over it and get back into the swing of things. right now i only have ONE review to write and i’m TOTALLY caught up. I haven’t been able to say that in ..well since I started reviewing!! I will be HAPPY to say that. 🙂 (actually 2 reviews but the one i just got and is VERY simple to write)

well i’m out for now. I’ll be writing more and commenting more ..just saving some things up for later 🙂


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    I’m sorry to hear about your aunt and feel for her children who no longer have her around.

    Yay for writing a new post though, it took me a while to get around to writing mine for my site too =/ It always surprises me how awesome the savings can be in the US, not a lot of Canadian stores allow coupon stacking or ever have double-coupon days or reward bucks like some stores in the US have.