and I have accomplished N O T H I N G

Well let’s put it this way. Thanks to this crappy weather we have had (sleet yesterday)and just being gray out today, I haven’t managed to really get anything done on the site that I wanted to *yet* or even in the house for that matter. I don’t know why used to be weekends were my time to get EVERYTHING DONE especially online, but anymore it just seems like I do better through the week.

It’s not even like I am sitting here doing anything really.. just mindlessly sitting on the couch while David’s brother alex is playing some game on ps3. We went and rescued him while ago, ie.. he got out of the house and isn’t having to stare mindlessly at the walls at their dads and all of that.

Last night I called my grandma for the first time in forever. I know I really suck at not calling her for some reason. Just write that down. I suck at almost everything lol.

I cannot wait for the time to change and maybe that will help. March 10th! I already looked it up 🙂

well.. not an exciting post i know..maybe I can do better later.. right now i’m thinking about a nap…so we’ll see! 🙂