and it was a good day!

Today in all has been a good day!
I started out the day as being Pipedream Toys 700th Follower on twitter! end result I won this vibe! I have NEVER won anything in my life except a 30% eden fantasys code so I was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! I can’t wait to get it

then here comes ups. i happened to think that I heard them pull up and I was right! I was expecting the item i ordered yesterday with some of my gift cards and 30% contributor code! I ordered a nightgown, a lelo nea, a dvd and a erotic storybook.

he had an extra package. i stood staring at it for like a minute then it dawned on me. it was my rug warmer thing from warmly yours. the package was nearly as tall as me lol. I was so excited. first packages I got since I moved and they came on the same day. 🙂
look for the review on that soon 🙂

When david got home we ended up going to walmart and to eat … because the shower head broke. we ended up with the cheapest waterpic walmart had..and ate at this japan place that has been in town forever I just never tried it! it was as good as the one we usually go to soo happy!

I am trying to figure out what we are doing tomorrow. ha ha. I just wanna wear my costume right? either way there will be nichole in a little red riding hood costume ha ha.look for it!

well i’m off for now. i commented about half the blogroll! i will do the rest later
love ya