and now back to reg updates..

I am sitting here with sam on my lap trying to type this post lol for some reason the little furmudge is in a loving mood ..I’m trying to go with it..but seriously trying to strain to reach the keyboard and hazzardly balance the thing..what fun!

I took it upon myself to get as many reviews done today as I could! I got 3 + the eden ambassadors post so i’m pretty happy. Tomorrow I plan to do more of the same.. I plan to get about 3 done then as well (maybe 2, one item I haven’t had very long).

I felt pretty awesome today, I have NO idea why. I drank some beer last night (yes I have now became a cheap alcohol drinking gal who can semi drink beer) However, I really didn’t get a buzz so to speak of, but I did get VERY relaxed. Which was awesome. who knows. maybe that’s why I slept so good last night!

The weekend we didn’t really do a whole lot, but then again we really never do. We stuck around the house, I watched Tv via our new Roku, slept alot and played on veracity message board(click and you can join with me as your referrer ) and that’s about it. I kept saying i was gonna do reviews and what not but never did ..i have seriously just been zonked out lately

Heck, I still need to write about last weekend for goshsakes..oyy oyy!I put up the then and now pic of me and david but I think i’m so slack at commenting lately it didn’t get as many comments as i thought it might ha ha.

anyways.. i’m out to go do some said commenting so..i’ll write more in a bit!