And the graduation process has begun..

I just spent an hour running my petition for graduation around at school(community college btw) I had to take it to three different places and fill out all these little BS surveys. (i guess thats why they just dont send it on themselves!)
the part that irks me though is i’m not particpating in commencement, but i still had to pay a 45 buck fee!
one of my friends even told me that they will send a cap and gown for me and everything. i was like WHY? i dont need it lol
i also think that i have to pay like 50 bucks for my degree. i mean as though they havent gotten enough out of me / my parents in the last gazillion years? (this is the post i made at flourish and at lavish lol)

went to the good will and got a pair of fake crocs(i mean who cares they pretty with jewels lol), a kitchen maid silicone sink thing(awesome i will take a pic) it had been 20 bucks at target and i paid 2 bucks for it, and i got a post it note dispenser in pink and white. i got this thing for my purse at the dollar store that you hang on the table when you are at a restraunt or whatever, and it keeps your purse out of the floor (and isaw this thing on montel one time and they have found the nastiest stuff on the bottomn of peoples purses where they have sat on floors. they even found that flesh eating bacteria!)
ok i’m out gotta clean some in the house, and if we exchanged links I hope you didnt delete me when i was sick. 🙂