Annoying would be one word for it!

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone

Well the post I wrote yesterday was short as could be no? I swear yesterday never did really get better!  I thought things were perking up after a nap but quickly launched in to horrible womens issues- I won’t get into it so much of the details but .. pain and what not .. OY! I have taken several doses of advil and have managed to make it through the pain and such the best I can.. at least things have calmed down for the most part and I just feel drained – but then this time of the year what is new there! At least I am functioning today so YAY!

I am so fed up with this house buying thing –it is driving me nuts!  like I said I had pretty well given up and then we got told to call lending tree and blah blah and then this house we had liked went back on the market and we were getting a bit hopeful but now lending tree is trying to say my card is declined and that they won’t process the payment and do whatever they were going to do to help with getting some things off Davids credit and that way we could progress.

I have proof that the money came out of paypal all the way around and then they tried to run it twice so it didn’t go through but once. So if they don’t get it figure out today I will be calling paypal to get my money back and then I guess we will go through plan E or something because this crap is just getting annoying!

We have basically went and drove by and peak at the two houses that we have been interested in and this one that is super close is the one i like the best but- I don’t really have any issues with the other one either. We haven’t got to see the inside of either in person- just pics on real estate sites. The one right up the road here I will just call it the blue house- is tons cheaper and I think we could get it even cheaper- Ugh.. I swear I am ready to just get the show on the road and get out of this stinkin’ apartment place and have a place of our own!  I am hoping that somehow another this works out!

We are kind of down to the letter here- I am supposed to give a months notice or so before we have a lease to sign again but — if we were to get out own place I wouldn’t worry we’d just LEAVE and not look back lol. Anyways I am hoping .. I guess we will see how it goes!

I have already accomplished what I wanted to online today- even though I slept in this morning .. I am getting quite good at working in the middle of the day actually lol. Anyways I am trying to decide on dinner- was going to ask David at lunch what he wanted but he didn’t come home for lunch so- I guess we will just pick one of my 2 really quick simple things when he gets home this evening. .I need to put away some dishes and maybe some clothes and other than that I am DONE for the day except for a few emails that i need to send!

later gators