another day successfully wasted

woke up around 11. watched tv. played online.folded some clothes.watched more tv. played online.. want to take a nap. you get my drift. ugh wtf is wrong with me??

i know i know i need to go back to the god foresaken health dept for a checkup but I don’t want to. somehow i owe them 50 bucks (do not know. they are money grubbers I swear. my mom paid right at 200 bucks for an exam they said would be like 100 soo..) I will eventually scare myself into going. but sometimes i think whats the point. i’m happy now, and why ruin it with more bad news

now honestly i’m not going to lie. I think that i still have abnormal cells. how many and to what degree I don’t know. I tried to go off the pill, but then i started bleeding to no end. I went back on the pill and seemingly bled two freakin months.

then last week when i was gonna start a new pack of pills i quit bleeding all on my own. so who knows.

I am so depressed anyways. I know people are like big deal so what your turning 25. well i guess id just hoped to be further along in life by this point. I wanted a kid before i was 25. I simply refuse to be one of these people in my mid 30’s having kids. i probably can’t have kids anyways. so you know.

so yeah i’m depressed. and david and I still have money problems out the ass. and its just sucks. its probably no wonder i sleep all the time. its better than reality for the most part.

anyways i’m gonna get off here for now. ciao


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    Aww Nichole.. i’m sorry about all the stress you’re feeling right now :s I hope you’ll be able to sort things out with David soon especially with your financial problems. Try to cheer up a bit. Usually everyone feels better after a few moments of optimism, right?

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    Cheer up girl, you still never know what happens next.. so you can’t really predict on that/ I hope you’ll be alright and go to the doc for some checkup, better to be safe than sorry, it sucks that they are money grabers tho..

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    Aww -hugs- Getting things checked out is a lot better than not – stress is correlated with health and if you’re more stressed out, your health does decline… Once you find out that there’s nothing wrong, you’ll get rid of that stress. 🙂