I just want to say I appreciate everyone who comes to my site. especially my regulars who comment on everything! you all make me feel so happy 🙂

I was gonna go to my moms tommorow, take duke and let him chill outside all day (my mom wont let him or shadow in the house… ) but since I feel like crud I dont know. i mean I dont want NOONE else to get this cold. its positively evil and i’m afraid if it spreads the next person that has it will have it worse than me! so we’ll see about that

i’m behind on getting things done in the house. and we all know i’m so obssesive i cannot just take a chill day lol.

oh dont those cemetary pics give my site an halloween feel? lol./ i will prob make all those pics private and require a guest pass to view/ it just depends on how many weirdos keep contacting me on flickr!

I should go over to the school and do my pic uploading it would be faster. but it would also require me to put on real clothes do my hair and get out of the house. lol

ok i’m out again

xo xo n g


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    Aww, I think it’s nice that you don’t want to get anyone sick – but you do need to get out a bit and get some fresh air… 🙂