Arby Q ARBY Q lol

I am out visiting some sites that I go to and never comment at lol…i always fuss about all my hits with no comments, and then I do the same thing!

i have tried to do my transcription chapter hw for ch1-3. the book sucks ass though if you want my opinion. I hope it doesnt turn out as bad as the legal issues book or I might seriously throw stuff

I dont generally eat at arbys but yesterday I tried their ARBy-Q sandwich. now i run around going ARBYQ ARBQ lol.

yesterday I got one of those food saver vaccum thingies at my old job. it was marked for 3 bucks, but i got a whole cart load of shit and my ex-boss only charged me ten bucks, so … coolness!! i also got some shirts & a space heater for this winter upstairs (we got one from my mom for christmas last year we use downstairs)

I went two weeks ago to the health dept. they seem to interpret my april test results differently than my reg obgyn (and shes one ofthe top 50 in the country, so who you think i trust?) they are already crying colposcopy..but my results arent back yet. I should know something possibly tommorow(they wont call if everything is ok, so i’m kinda hoping!!)

they didnt even know what protid(allergy pill i take was. they kept typing it in their database and giving me weird looks. i swear. i have two bottles of it from walmart and a ton of samples so i dont know wh at that was about)

also i have had this odd rash on my right leg and lower back for over a year. it was actually raw sores at one point when i was having surgery but noone ever mentioned anything to me about it. its finally faded away to scars but it still didnt look so well. I was trying to find out what it was, all i knew was when i had my IV at the hospital it disappeared for three days all together. well the health dept dont know nothing bout rashes! so i came home took some amoxicilen and guess what. its freakin gone!

ok more latter… this is getting long!!