Autumn Rain Turns 5 Years Old !

Hey Everyone

I didn’t have a chance to write yesterday but Autumn-Rain turned FIVE YEARS OLD! I cannot believe it! I never thought that when I started it it would be around this long!  Of course I have been blogging since before it was blogging and have had many projects in the past- and of course currently, but I don’t think I ever had one of them that lasted quite this long.

My blog from college might have been close .. it was maybe 3 or so… Of course Autumn-Rain is older than 5 because I transferred Digitaly Nichole (yes spelled wrong and everything lol,) which was my free wordpress from 2008 over so yeah..I have been around 🙂 Projects come and go , and I am proud this one has made it through 🙂


I nearly forgot this time around about the blog-a-versary because I generally renew my blog on the day it is due but last year when we were moving I forgot at the last minute because we were SO Busy and it actually “expired” and it freaked me out lol. I swore to not let that happen again so I renewed this time about 2 weeks early 🙂

Well I have more to write , and lots of things I want to get into today with all 3 of my projects and the house, but I figured this post should stand alone as a celebration of 5 years of Autumn-Rain goodness!