I feel like death on a cracker today! ughhh!! I’m also making the french beef stew, and i’m chomping at the bit to eat it! i might have to have a bite of it before david gets home!it smells so good…

it is also a nasty gray day out ughh..I am getting some of the pics from my android phone (Motorola Cliq)put up on flickr finally! I couldn’t really find an App that I liked, but i finally found one called picup that is working the way I want 🙂 so check them out!

I love the new layout if i do say so myself! i just happened to run accross it the other night soooo YAYYY. I also put my dandyid thing back up.i want to edit some pages and things but eh..we’ll see.

well i’m gonna go try to comment some of you if i can, and i’ll try to make some better post latter on!