babble babble

This morning when David left I was wide awake and probably should have stayed up, but sammy was still in bed being all cute and I had shaved legs and clean sheets so I was in burrow mode so I difted in and out of sleep most of the morning!

Things in my little ghetto are changing…My next door neighbors who we never had any problems out of (they lived here since right before or right after we moved last time I can’t remember which) so that sucks because we never really had any problems with them.

Also Mr Bojangles & Anna Nicole & the Twits got kicked out!! (they lived in our old apartment which is diagonal to this one) All of this happened over the weekend. My rent lady also says that the lady who lives diagonaly behind us is moving as well and they have lived here since WAY before we did…

I thought David would die laughing when the rent lady told him that the only people over here that had pets were us (we have the only cat) and Hoagie.. David was like Um, everyone over except 2 people have a dog including the new people! Lol

We went up to Z’s as usual on a wed. night…I knew that our favorite band wouldn’t be there and that the band we think totally sucks wouldn’t be there but OMG OMG it turned out to be this scottish band, which I could have PROBABLY got on board with eventually but they were .. omg.. lol

Usually music starts at 7… last night it was close to 8 and they were still setting up (and we had gotten there at 6:20 and they were setting up well before we arrived) they were still going testing testing lol..and then they all change into their skirts and start saying some mumbo a song and start going testing again! You get the picture! I bet z’s had a record beer selling night last night lol.

I did my hair yesterday and wow it needs some TLC. … It is way too long and thick, and it needs a major dye job. Maybe I can manage to get that done this weekend.

Today I don’t really plan to do anything other than maybe a load of clothes & vacuum the rug….right now I am in search of some sort of lunch that doesn’t involve messing up any dishes (fries..yes maybe!)

well More later!