back after the “blizzard” :)

Hi there everyone!

I would have wrote sooner but we lost internet connection early tuesday morning…They were putting new siding on my apartment, and they took the line out. Well I BEGGED for them to come put the line back through and hook it back up but when they did it wouldn’t work! We ended up having to get charter out here and you know what it was? When the line was pulled through, they got a piece of particle board stuck in between the line where it connects .. Yeah.. Something THAT SIMPLE .. Wish we would have known that to begin with because that would have been something we could have fixed ourselves and.. we wouldn’t have had to go without tv/internet during the snow tuesday and part of the day Yesterday!

David ended up not working because of the weather…I honestly don’t think that he should have been out this morning either because it was 5 degrees (If you didn’t know David works OUTSIDE and in WATER most of the time) If it doesn’t get above 32 they can’t even operate most of the things where he works and It didn’t even get that warm until a little while ago! Now he will most likely have to work tomorrow BLAH. I hate when he works on Fridays esp. because we need to do a million things this weekend, one of which was at least get Marley’s nails cut!

We are supposed to go to David’s dads to do the whole superbowl thing similar to what we did last year..except people keep getting invited, and we all know I am not a people person lol. So I don’t know. I don’t want to NOT do something but I keep wondering if we couldn’t just have our shin dig by ourselves here at the house…or in general just have it here at our house. I like my big tv and my own couch and I won’t be tortured with horrible music beforehand lol. I guess we will see how it goes..

I actually did sit here and make a list of what kind of food we need to pick up/etc and Now I am craving little smokey sausages w/BBQ lol.

I have successfully almost made it though the entire pretty little liar series ..1-14 and am working on the 2 specials Pretty Little Secrets and Alli’s pretty little lies. I am now having this urge to find a big fluffy comfy chair, a food stool and several bookshelves and doing sams room like a book nook instead of an office lol. I need a place to escape as always. I could bring some of my million books from my moms over here and maybe she could get rid of this horrid entertainment stand in the guest bedroom that she has always wanted to get rid of but she can’t because of all my books for the most part!

David and I are hoping to be able to go on some sort of a vacation sooner than later. We also need to get a trip to my grandmas arranged when she doesn’t have snow *sigh* lol.

Well I have rambled on a lot more than I originally thought I would so I will cut ya’ll loose for now 🙂 I also washed my hair this morning and want to try to straighten it so..we’ll see how that goes!