back to old school blogging!

I am having a BLAST not being tied the computer/internet lately! It is just such a peaceful thing πŸ™‚ this blog was originally created to be ABOUT ME.. not paid posts and reviews and la la la. I don’t mind an occasional review but honestly that holiday gift guide wore me out! That and the fact that I have reviewed so many things in the last few years there isn’t much left that I WANT to review!

I am having a blast listening to music, watching tv,(PLL and SOA) playing games (hayday and solitaire/spider solitaire are my favorites) cleaning in the house, being domestic, spending time with the fur babes and david. my next thing is getting back into reading! I am going to have david pick up a few of my old books at my moms when he picks up his w2, and I am also looking for books to put on the kindle, and I plan to read the entire pll series straight through! I have only read the first few so I am really looking forward to that too!

I am enjoying curling up in bed early at night with the fur babes and david and watching tv until we go to sleep. I enjoy turning the computer off (if I even get it out) before David gets home. I enjoy doing a few things here and there on the ipad if the mood does happen to strike

I started project 365 at the beginning of the year and I am only missing 5 pics lol. I actually have them I just didn’t upload them just yet. HA HA me and pics. I need to get this weeks WW squared away too, honestly that is the reason other than Netflix I even dragged my computer out. My Ipad is pretty much dead and my phone so I had to get the big mama out!

So back to what I was saying though about this site being a site ABOUT ME.. That is why I started it. I didn’t start it for money making or reviews or comments or low alexa or PR and fans and followers and all that on facebook. And all of that is fine and dandy but I am burned out and I just want to go back to it being a place for my thoughts, daily ramblings, pics and all that good things.I do have a couple of reviews I am supposed to be doing in feb and maybe 2 things I’d like to pitch for and that is fine and dandy when that time comes along.. but for the most part I am going old school! To me that is when blogging was fun…

I don’t sit around going OMG GOT TO WRITE THIS and THAT and THE OTHER ..I sit here and pull up wordpress and write when I WANT TO. It is just so peaceful..

This year is going to be a year about ME and RELAXING and spending time doing things I love to do and I hope to share them here just as I always have, but perhaps even on a deeper level. So I hope that you will join me in that journey


  1. says

    Glad you are enjoying your “real life”. I need to step away from the computer more a well but doubt I ever will unless something physically forces me too. LOL

  2. says

    I took a short break from blogging, other than promoting posts, after giving birth last month. It was great! However, there’s no way I could give it all up or take more than a week or two off. My blog is my business so staying away too long would mean traffic and income would become nonexistent before long.

  3. Nichole says

    I know people are like OMG but I am still connected ALL Day via phone/ipad and I am not totally giving up lol. It is just the stress of everything in the world plus worrying about paid this and that is like ..just not worth it to me anymore.My original vacay was from like christmas-new years then the server bonked out and somewhere in that time frame I realized I just wanted to go back to the simple times πŸ™‚ I love meeting people and getting to know them, and this way I can work on BE a little more and maybe mix up what gets posted here like recipes or coupon deals and more of things I have thought/wrote over the years! I know I will end up regretting it at some point maybe.. but probably not! I can always start over somewhere or even here. I guess I want a new era or something. we’ll see how it goes πŸ™‚
    I don’t knock anyone who does what I have been doing. It was fun while it lasted and I will probably go back at some point but for now I want to go back to my roots πŸ™‚

  4. says

    I am totally on the same page right now and have been for the last month or so. It gets exhausting and just not as fun anymore once it becomes all about the money and review products. I miss blogging for me. I wish you luck in your changes πŸ™‚