backstory:theres always one

I tried to make a video blog wed, but it never panned out lol. i tried again this morning and i’m just in no mood to actually “talk” so i gave up and decided to make a real blog for now!

Wedneseday was great …Jason came to visit me. I felt sorry for him though he overslept (he wanted to be here like by 8) well after he overslept he then had to scrape snow off his car, so it just wasn’t his day. he didn’t get here till 10ish and he had to leave by 12:30ish to be at work at 2!

he works really long shifts most of the time, and i couldn’t tell u the last time he had a day off.he’s a chef at a really popular restraunt we had up at appalachian soo.he was beyond tired. i told him he should have tried to come sometime when he had a day off or something, but he said he just really wanted to hang with me sooo.

david and i had a huge fight about jason coming down, and well you see who won. i’m sorry that i’m not that big of a pushover anymore. i always said if i got jason to ever talk to me ever again, i’d never ditch him like a bad habit again. and i ment it!

most of you dont know the jason and me backstory, so i’m gonna try to give you an annoted version. met in fall 2004 in astronomy , became friends with advantages not long after that, stayed friends until david and i were engaged. at that point i was dumb enough to cut him out of my life.and after everything he did to help me, it was really stupid. and i always hated myself for it!

the worst part is we were “talking” i guess is the correct word for it, when david and i got together. i was working the job at the salvation army to make money for my rent, so i could move back up there and go back to school, be with him and go back to appalachian. cause my dad was gonna pay my tuition. we were seeing eachother alot,cosnsidering he was up there and i was here.

he called me the day i went to pick up my engagement ring. he was like WTF?? and you could tell he was beyond hurt.see bet you didnt know i was that bitchy

sometimes people seek drama. sometimes drama seeks a person.i think it has really found a friend in me!