bad things come in 3’s so I am worried..

Hey Everyone!

Well.. My world went crazy on Friday kinda sorta …

When I called my mom she said she was waiting for “the call” I was like OMG WHAT happened? because it sounded ominous and everything. She said my grandma had fell and broke her leg/hip/ankle/foot at that point we really didn’t have enough information to piece it all together at that point.

My grandma is 75 and doesn’t have a lot of health problems- mainly just diabetes and she has had a cold for like the last several weeks…I had just talked to her like last saturday or sunday.. I can’t exactly remember which one. Anyways.. she hasn’t ever really been sick or hurt or anything so .. plus I am SO VERY close to my grandma!

It turns out she broke her foot/ankle in 3 places and it is considered a 360 degree break which is the worse sort of break! She will have to have surgery on it and such as well 🙁

I ended up going over to my moms late saturday evening because I knew she was going to be leaving to go up to my grandmas to help take care of her and we didn’t/still don’t know really for how long or when she will get to even come back for a “visit”  There is also a chance later on in December or so she could get “Stuck” there because it is the middle of no where and with the weather. She is hoping to get back here this weekend and get to stay until we can leave to go for thanksgiving!

Sunday morning I woke up and ended up pulling a muscle in my neck.. oh this is what the second time for that right? lol. Anyways this time it wasn’t as bad as the first time and I have pretty much kept a heat pack on it and took advil. I can almost turn it completely to the left now!  I think that it popped a little bit in the middle of the night when I was kinda in and out of sleep. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be even more better!

Yesterday my dad had the day off work (which is rare as can be) because he had a few things to get done. It was REALLY rainy and cold and I ended up catching a ride with him so I could get our tag renewal taken care of. I didn’t know it but he was going to come back after his dentist appointment and take me to lunch! He ended up having to get a tooth fixed though so he had a numb mouth the rest of the day so .. yeah! I am not even gonna lie I spent a BIG portion of the afternoon napping lol.

I did however manage to do several things like take Marley out before David gets home ( he was running late and it was so dark so I went ahead and did it…usually david does her evening walk. ) then I swept sams bathroom floor.. and then I had managed to make a big dinner of hamburger patties, roast beef gravy and mashed potatoes that was AWESOME. 🙂  I also managed to put up some clothes and … I can’t remember what in all. I just know I did manage to get a lot done in a short amount of time!

It was so cold this morning that I was honestly shocked that they even went into work at davids work. I *thought* if it was under 32 they couldn’t run their plant so I don’t know. It was like 25 and our high was about 35 today! I think tonight it will even be colder. I know that the car doors and the trunk were froze shut this morning and David lucked out and manged to get one open and then get in the back seat to pull the seats down to get in the trunk for his boots and coveralls

I am trying to get a few things done in the house and then I am helping out a friend who is starting a paid section on her blog so I need to watch some of her videos and give her some feedback! I think mostly i need to fold some towels and make the bed.. and find some coffee lol and maybe a snack!

Catch ya later gators