be afraid of the 12 year old looking girl in pink

am out walking in a neighborhood that we have lived in 11 years and got the cops called on me!

i was out taking pics, which you all know i was SO excited about. i had my phone out …that way if anyone wanted to mess with me they might be like ok she has a phone

I stayed in the road of our subdivision, zooming in on things i wanted pics of, staying out of peoples yards.

i was on the side street closest to my house, just getting started when this guy acts like he’s gonna pull out of his driveway so i proceed to move out of the way and he never pulled out, so i continue walking, and am almost all the way down the street when i hear him start talking shit about me behind my back, about how i’m lurking, and walking ALL UP IN POEPLES YARDS ( i did proceed to get on the edge of some yards while i thought he was going to pass me)

so i pull out my phone, and act like i’m randomly chatting to someone about whats going on. saying loudly I AM 25 I HAVE LIVED HERE SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. JUST OUT TAKING PICS FOR FUN

well he pulls on a ahead of me and im like good whatever..
well he whips out and pulls out this badge and i’m like WTF? i dont even know what kind of badge it is and hes all who are you what are you doing. i was really nice explaining and hes like oH YEAH IRECOGNIZE YOU you come to my yardsale and blah blah blah

so whatever i think its all over. ran into one of our neighbors and his dog, and talked in passing. went down another street and then back out to the end of the main road and takled to this woman with her dogs.

then we see cop cars circling about. so guess why they were here? yeah. wtf?

so i didnt even get through the whole subdivision. just came home. maybe i’ll go out when someone can go with me. ha i just orgainzed a gang. lol


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    LLOLOOL that’s really funny actually. I would understand being suspicious about someone wearing baggy clothing who has a mask over their face. But you weren’t even looking suspicious!

    PS: Sorry for being a horrible affy >.< I just got my site situated. =]