because i had a bad, i mean horrible night

Everyone who knows me knows I have at times, a healthy appetite for alcohol. especially if i am having fun. I can honestly say up till friday night, i’d only ever had 2 times that I was totally sloshed…

Friday night david was drinking, i was drinking…which is odd because we never actually drink together.I was drinking captain morgan lime bite with sprite (one shot in each drink) well i usually drink 4, but i was feeling quite awesome and mixed in a crown royal black that was 100 proof. I wasn’t thinking about the crown being more strong, and that it was gonna “creep” or slowly hit me. Then I went for one more captain, and another crown royal! that was 7 drinks total…and with the crown being more strong.. well thats when things went to HELL and a handbasket so to speak.

I ended up eventually puking my brains out in the bath tub. durring this breif time david had brought his phone, our hd2 that we just got 2 months ago into the bathroom. our toilet lid is NEVER up because of sam. but this one time. it was. and that phone got dropped in the toilet.and of course it ruined it 🙁

we didn’t have insurance on it, and that is our source of internet… and it was just a big mess in tmobile. needless to say a line got cancelled,  I had to settle some money i owed them, and buy a new phone. we were planning on going on a trip come begining of august, but now it looks like no such luck.

get this. all this time i was told the only thing that could tether to a computer was an hd2 or a blackberry. we were planning on doing another blackberry, but when i told the guy i really wish that an android phone would do it, he said ALL SMART PHONES do!!!

so with that info, i went with the mytouch slide in white. I bought a screen protector and a case for it. i want a car charger and a gel skin for it, but that will have to wait.

hopefully the week will get better!! and i’m now off to comment some of you all, hopefully

you know what sucks, was i let david clear the 16 gb card w/out thinking that my project 365 pics that i hadn’t uploaded!! 🙁


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    Ugh, having your phone wind up in the toilet just *sucks*. I’m sorry. 🙁

    P.S. I have the MyTouch Slide in white, and I LOVE IT!