being ahead & caught up just feels weird

Hi There!

I decided to stay up this morning and get all my blogging caught up and then ahead on the 30 day posts from BE(Some of which are seriously like snooze, boring, zonk and hitting repeat. I was the one that suggested this challenge, but boy I can’t wait to start a new one next month lol)

The only thing left on my list was to make a regular post and to do the wordless wed. post that I missed out on yesterday. Consider this your regular post lol. As far as the wordless wed. I may or may not get that up! Not sure just yet. It is just now 8:00 and I am thinking about heading back to bed for a couple hours! We’ll see how that ends up!

The last week or so I have been totally whacked out stressed out and not happy in general and it just seems like it has been getting worse. There are so many people that have done tiny things, and some that have done some pretty major things, that are really just on my last nerves. If I was PMSing I would understand, but I am not so.. ugh! I am trying to do better with taking my st. johns wort throughout the day instead of taking it right before bed. It generally keeps my mind muted, helps me sleep, and makes me more calm. I guess with all those years on the pill, I am just more used to taking meds at bedtime!

I just know I don’t want to go to the dark dark dark place again. I know the fall is my favorite time of year, but when we do start getting those shorter days it does get a little rough for me, because I know I have SADD!

Probably won’t get into much this weekend, though I wish we could. I know if I don’t get to the mountains soon I won’t get to see the leaves. I haven’t got to see the leaves in years. I would really like too!

I hope to do a few more updates today/this weekend. I know I was pretty lonely not having site work to get done last weekend! It just didn’t feel right to be ahead at all!

Right now I am going to take a quick scan through my email and lay back down for a while. I need to wash clothes and figure out what the heck we are going to have for dinner too! Other than that, I think Sam and I are just gonna have a easy going kind of day. Though, I do need to wash and re do my hair, shave and change sheets. HA HA!

I am hoping we can get my Office decorated (bulletin board, marker board, etc) this weekend too, so I quit refering to it as my cave lol.

Ok, I am out!