benadryl=sleepy nichole


Benadryl is Amazing ya’ll lol 🙂 Seriously it makes my brain shut up and I can go into a awesome sleep and it’s nice! I only take it like once a week or every few weeks..I did buy some zzz quil but I have not tried it yet..I am a little worried because I haven’t ever took it! I know the last time I took nyquil I couldn’t sleep the entire night and it wasn’t my normal couldn’t sleep. I was wide awake and couldn’t calm down!

Today is another lazy day around the house for me!I know David and I are going out to eat tonight (not sure where) and we have to take the modem that we got when we were going to switch to cable internet back to target. I might head up to Z’s (the bar with the awesome home cooked food!) tomorrow night. We haven’t been in about 3 weeks..

Of course I am MOST looking forward to going to the mountains on friday like I mentioned before!

I really am trying to think of some new stuff to put here to help spruce the site up I swear. I am reverting back to my boring ho hum personal life blog ..I can’t help it! I will work on it though 🙂

more later