Biannual Blogathon Bash Kick Off Post

Biannual Blogathon BashThe last time I was going to participate in the bianual blogathon bash I felt weird all day like something wasn’t right..It was an odd day anyways because David had to work on a friday. Anyways, I never really got started and had planned on working on it after he came home from work. We ended up over at his Dad’s and…. well… I now refer to that night as the night of all the DRAMA that I never talk about…and of course I spent 5 months trying to shake off all the “funk”. Anyways, I am hoping that this go around I can make it work out and get some things done around here!

So yes, I am participating in my first ever bianual blogathon bash! In case you don’t know the bianual blogathon bash is a chance for you to DO ALL THE THINGS on your blog that you have put off/ need to get done! You don’t have to blog all weekend, anything related to working on your site counts, even cleaning out emails and all of that good stuff. There are 2 a year one in January and the other in June. You should def. check out the site and learn all about it! There are mini challenges and prizes as well!’s not too late to sign up for this go around!

SOME THINGS I’d Like to get done include:

I hope to get my fancy media kit up, get some good posts wrote, visit with other participants on their sites and make connections, clean out my email, fix some links just to name a few things off top of my head!

So if you are here from the Bash, and you haven’t ever been here before, let me introduce myself a little bit!

I am Nichole, and I am 28 years old. I am married for almost 6
years to David & I have an orange cat named Sam, who we call Evil in a fur coat but… actually he can be really sweet and even give hugs! I am an HPV /Cervical cancer survivor and I have been free of all of it for about 5 years.

I currently don’t have a baby, but by all means I am a mommy wanna-be. I am a southern gal and I enjoy lots of things including blogging, taking pictures, and being online on twitter/fb a lot. I also have bouts of horrible insomnia so when I get the urge to sleep, I will generally hit the bed no matter what time of the day or night! I like couponing with my mom, the color pink and all things girly! I like to read and I LOVE pretty little liars, gossip girl and days of our lives. I also have been known to play Solitaire just haven’t got to Play  Solitaire Online games on Mobile just yet!

For more about me you can check the about me page or even just ask me questions!

You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…and about anyother social network there is …if you find xxpollypocket you have pretty much found me!

About the site:

Autumn Rain was a site that started out at back in 2008ish, but I have been blogging since before it was even called that since around 1999 with personal sites & soap opera fan sites (another world. days of our lives. as the world  turns.passions.sunset beach)

I started the site just to have a place to ramble, and I haven’t really ever gave it up! I like to post pictures and daily happenings and just whatever comes to my my mind! I also like to review things even though that sort of thing has been a bit slow for me lately.

I am hoping to get to go to bloggy bootcamp in charlotte (about 30 min from where I live) in May of this year!

Well…That’s me in a nutshell. I can ramble forever so I best be going! feel free to say hi, i’ll return the favor!



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    Hey Nichole. Here. Subscribing/ed. Following/ed. I didn’t have my first baby until I was 35 and now I’m a bio-mom of 3! Congrats on surviving BlogathonBash. That was one heck of a ride, eh?

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    Thanks for stopping by my site! I LOVE yours and am hoping to have a nicer one myself here soon! 🙂 I have to ask, what is a media kit? Also, we are near the same age and lemme tell ya…I LOVED POLLY POCKET 😀 lol Although I was really a huge Rainbow Brite fan ^.^ Love the fact your blog isn’t really a niche – I don’t think mine ever will be either but I am okay with that! 🙂

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad you got some of the stuff on your list done, and I feel like you wishing I’d gotten all of mine done, too. But there’s always June and I can start the list now, lol. I’m addicted to the blogathon now. It’s what kicked off my current blog and it’s just so inspiring with all of us working and sharing together.