bike night take 2..hopefuly!

Well It’s wed. and I really want to do a wordless wed…but I don’t have any pic to use..and I can’t think of one to take so.. I guess you will just get a long winded nichole blog? Or maybe short? I have to vacuum and do a few things before David gets home! I guess we’ll see where I go with this thing!

I was really excited about the video blog I did..and NO ONE commented? *sniff* I was a bit disappointed on that..kind of doesn’t make me want to keep it up.. we’ll see I guess…

Tonight is bike night and even though i am disappointed that they raised the price of drinks, my favorite band is going to be there so I thought we’d go anyways. Maybe I can take a pic to post here later or tomorrow? 🙂

Our weekend was pretty low key, we stayed close to home for the most part. David did sell his ps3 (again right?) on saturday and I wasn’t too happy about it. We did however have that google tv box /blue ray player I paid a small fortune for that we couldn’t use upstairs since my t.v. is too old so…I was a bit happy to have it out to be able to use again.

I haven’t made it over to moms in a couple of weekends now, so maybe we will be able to? I don’t like going over there this time of year, they always working in the garden and stuff and that just isn’t my thing.. to go visit and have to do work? no thanks! Maybe if it rains?

Speaking of rain it’s cloudy out this wed. just like it was last wed, so I hope it holds off for the bike night! I guess David will drop me off and then go get his dad and alex. I really wish though that we could go by ourselves. I know that is selfish but goodness we haven’t ever got to go to bike night or to the pool place by ourselves …

Well I need to PERK it up. gonna have to get some vitamin B and maybe some coffee to wake up! I didn’t get a nap today so that isn’t good!

I was too busy doing my hair/shaving/clothes/changing sheets/etc …then tomorrow my mom is coming over and we have group chat for one of the groups I am on  so I probably won’t get one tomorrow either.. eek!