Bike night was disappointing..

So Bike night was a HUGE disappointment last night! David dropped me off and went to get his dad and brother (his dad has the wheel chair, so there was no way we could all fit at one time) The first thing that happens is this gal gets an attitude with me about the beer is $2 A CAN! I am like excuse me? It was only 1.50 last year and It said on your FB page it would be 1.75? So anyways that just set it off for me.

I don’t know why I even bothered getting pretty:


Needless to say I only bought one beer, and David only bought one. We ended up leaving pretty early and I went to the grocery store and bought an 18 pack for like 13 bucks! I had only took out 20 bucks, and I still had 3 bucks left over! We ended up going to subway and getting one of the bbq chicken subs to share (david and I ) because I was starved!

We went and hung out at his dads for a little while, then came home.

This morning david ended up oversleeping a little bit …so that sucked.

Right now it is so cloudy out and I need to scoot to the tanning bed for sure this evening. I am not happy with my tan so far. I started late , and I have had to miss a lot of days for various reasons…so I don’t feel like i’m as dark as I should be at this point..

I know that david and alex are supposed to go to this race thing tomorrow but it i not looking promising on the weather front at all…

well I just wanted to write a few lines.I gotta vacuum the rug and get my lotion on I guess…I know I will most likely not make it up there tomorrow and the weekend is always iffy. I have got to do better! I guess if I don’t go I can shave?

I also need to pick Sam up some food and treats *sigh* Luckily my mom paid off part of my drama when she was over on tuesday…I actually might be $50 ahead. Which reminds me I haven’t got my jury duty money yet…

Later !!