Bills, Bills,Bills..why aren’t they ever right?

So I just got through bitching out t-mobile because they can’t do perecentages (like i say, i am no mathmatical wizzard but I do damn well with percentages!) Plus, hey i haz t-83 calculator which all but talks to me!

anyways, after getting that bill taken care of wouldn’t you just know here comes the sattelite bill (DIrectV) our bill is around 42 a month because of all their random discounts, our refer a friend discount from my mom,etc. well i get this bill out of our box and it is near 70 bucks

why? because apparently when i called them back in march to make sure we didn’t get charged for the starz/showtime after the 3 month trial, and they assured me that i wouldn’t that it would be cancelled before the fees would set in…well they lied!

well I finally got them to take off the charges, after telling them i didn’t give a shit about that i wouldnt be able to watch this that and the other show ( I rarely watch tv anyways…) and i didn’t care that it only averaged out to 40 cent a day and whatever. they did try to get cute with me though thats why i was pissed

see i kept saying take starz off. well i figure they get the general idea that i wasnt the whole damn showtime starz package gone ..the whole 24 buck charge. and would you believe that if i wouldn’t have caught on that they were gonna leave the showtime? please. ugh.

anyways…the power bill it might be high, but at least i don’t have to scrutinize every last detail to make sure that they aren’t screwing me over!