Birthday is on the way, and this darn foot…

So today.. day..5 (ish) with the evil looking foot lol. Meh, not much has changed other than the bruises absolutely itch to high heavens, and now it sore up at the base of my leg!  It will eventually be alright I suppose.. I just keep my feet up and it wrapped up … the bruises are the most scary of all!

My Birthday is on Monday..Not really excited. I’ll be lucky if I can even be able to get a shoe on and leave the house this weekend let alone then! I Hope so though. I know david and I had planned to try to go to a concert next weekend. The band even told me on their facebook page they’d help me out of I came. aww. lol.

Today marks 3 years of having my evil orange baby in a fur coat with the gorgeous green eyes! Which means Shadow has been gone 3 years and 3 weeks 🙁 he left in a snow storm… you notice how snow is starting to not be a fetching thing for me? like bad luck.. hmm.. I see the trend!

I really didn’t get anything done today except a few emails sent out and what not but it’s all good. There is always tomorrow and the weekend, especially when no one expects you to do anything in the house lol. Ah, the perks..

Well I realize this is short and sweet, but i’ll be back later of course..:) just a quick little update!