birthdays. sold cars. unemployment.missed work.

Hey Everyone

Well- I have started SEVERAL blog posts this past week but I get busy doing other things so I haven’t managed to publish one! Ah… sometimes that is just the way the cookie crumbles!

Yesterday David had another snow day. Thankfully this was a different pay period than the check where he missed 4 days!Β  Hopefully after this we won’t have to be dealing with anymore missing work because of weather issues! David was going to try to take last week as his “short week” to qualify for unemployment but it turns out you CAN NOT do that anymore. Unless you are totally out of a job you can’t file/qualify anymore .. you are just OUT OF LUCK.

Thankfully we used my stored up money from childhood and ended up selling my 1989 Toyota Camry so we made it through with a little bit to spare. We are trying to sell my ’90 camry that we used for parts too so we should be REALLY good after that πŸ™‚

We really didn’t NEED two cars.. I can always get up and take david to work/pick him up if I want the car for the day OR he can even ride his bike when the weather gets better. I also have the option of my mom to come get me/ take me somewhere as well. We only ever had more than one car in the last 8 years since December so even though it was nice it was not neccessary πŸ™‚

Wed was my birthday. I went to my moms and spent the day and then had dinner and cake there with her and my dad. Honestly, like I say every year since forever it was just another day lol.

well that is basically the long and short of everything ..I will try to generate some more blogging goodness after I have some lunch and straighten the house up a bit.. just wanted to write a few lines while I had a sec πŸ™‚