blackfriday is a comming!

Hi there!

So not alot going on with me…My contest ended last night! I can’t wait to do another one! It was great fun 🙂

I have a few reviews that I need to get up, so of course look for those coming up. Probably mostly on sunday. I actually already started one and it is close to being finished. I am hoping that I might be able to get it up tonight or tomorrow.

I don’t know if we are going to get to go to Virginia for Thanksgiving or not. It is a 5hr trip and I just don’t know. I really want to, but.. not sure. If we went we’d have to go up Wed. after david got home from work and come back thursday after dinner… Or just go up thursday/come back thursday.

The only place I am really planning to go for black friday is Walmart. I plan to get the Paula Dean Cookset,The Rubbermaid 40 piece bowl set, the hoover little vacum, 3 pairs of the LEI jeans..I want the Sony book reader (pink) but not so sure on that yet.They also have a phillips digital frame I’d like to have. And yes I do have the money for this stuff. I have saved all my money all year..all yardsales.survey money.made a little money helping out with an online apt. money.

I also want a NIkon camera of some sorts. They have one at walmart and several at bestbuy I cannot afford a DSLR by any means, and I don’t exactly want one of the basic ones. The one I used to have was kind of middle of the road. I don’t know. I would maybe get one of the basic ones from Best Buy but I don’t know what to chooose..

I think we will go to walmart late thursday night since everything except the big  electronics goes on sale at 12:01..

well i hope to be around to see you all soon. got several new links i’d like to add as well.. and subpages. YAY lol

don’t forget to check out my cardexchange if you want..i’m sending out my first batch next weekend!(i think)

<3 ya’ll