blizzard and my snow-tastrophe :)

Hi there everyone! So we made it through to the other side of the blizzard! *insert snow pics here* I can’t lie though 11 inches of snow especially in this area is pretty major!   At my moms they still have tons of snow in the yard and driveway and even here we have some in the shade areas, especially the woods!  David ended up only working 2 days last week and at least he will get to make up one day this week, so he will only be one day short.

We did have a snow-tastrophe though… when we broke out of here on friday to go eat lunch and what not a piece of the compacted snow/ice flew off the hood and smacked the window really hard. When we go to get back in the car there was a small crack and by the next morning it was almost all the way across so we have to get it replaced. The only way we could work it out is we have to do it at my moms on saturday b/t 12-5 because the way david had to work an extra day and their availability. At least we had the option though!

I have spent yesterday and what little bit of today there has been so far catching up on dishes and laundry! I had to do the load with my pads, a load of sheets and a load of blankies/my robe in addition to my normal load of colors and  whites and towels!  I didn’t get anything done when David was home lol.

My mom has this notion in her head to have a yardsale in like march or april and I am totally not feeling it because I donated about 7 large bags of clothes and stuff back not that long ago and I just don’t think that i have anything to add ! plus generally having a yardsale at her house doesn’t do all that great…granted we are usually doing it during the time when the whole neighborhood is doing it is probably why. Guess we will see how it goes…

You would think that with not blogging for almost a week I could come up with some more to write, but right now it just isn’t happening lol. I will try again later and perhaps throw in some pics for good measure!