I am just lazy plain n simple. i got up when david left for work @ 6 a.m to make his lunch. I decided though i felt awake and fine to go back to bed..then i didnt get up till 10 a.m!! lol. at least this time when i went back to bed i didnt wake up feeling like crap!

I actually even went to bed at 9 last night! i’m becomming an old person. lol

my foot is not getting better so i just try to limit my trips up and down stairs…

i’m getting ready to boil some chicken. i’m having chicken w/stuffing & brown gravy for dinner. quick simple.. cheap.

me and david still having the money problems. but i’m not gonna go there

well i’m out. need to jump in the shower, put some clothes away and get dinner going.




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    Dinner sounds delicious! I kind of know how you feel with the money problems. We had bad money problems last year when a company bought out the place my boyfriend works at so he went from a steady salary to hourly and he wasn’t working that many hours to make much money — but now it’s like steady hours and all that because he thought of a way to make sure they get 80 hours every two weeks or whatever. Hope your foot gets better…

    we always having money problems! basically i’m a saver he’s a spender! thanks@! my foot is actually being semi-better. i can actually walk downstairs without going OW every other step!!

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    Wow the dinner sounds delicious! Yummy! I love chicken with gravy đŸ™‚

    I also get those lazy days just like you. Sometimes even if I wake up extra early, I get out of bad after a couple of hours :p
    I am obssessed with brown gravy. i can eat it on like everything. kinda like good ranch dressing!! my lazy days are ALOT lol. i just dont know if i really dont feel good or if i’m just used to being a bum!