I am going to do a video blog tomorrow if nothing comes up! I am going over to my moms to get my hair straightened this evening…

I am having ZERO luck with selling this freaking t-mobile blackberry bold 9700. and if it doesn’t sale soon so that he can get an htc hd2 i might jump over a cliff. i’m sick of hearing it. oyy!!

I have had a sore throat since monday afternoon, and it sucks because my grandparents are having their 50th wedding aniversary this weekend and i cannot be feeling like crap

there really hasn’t been much going on in my world at all!! the new ABC store opened up which is cool its HUGE and a little bit closer to me than the other one was. we got some white chocolate godiva liquor and it is nom-a-licous

my heat pump went out yesterday afternoon. as in no heat, no air for us. ugh! and it was 36 last night. they came at 9 this morning and fixed it though. it was a blown fuse in the unit…

Nicole offered to host me if i wanted to get my own domain name… which i kinda sorta do. the only problem is I cannot think of a domain name for myself!! if i ever figure one out, i might do it…

well i had more to post, but i spent 30 minutes on the phone with david while making this blog, soooo i am now behind on getting things ready so we can go get my hair done, his hair done etc!

more later