busy all day. here n there

Today has been a busy one!

First of all David wanted my mom to cut his hair so we headed over there around 9 a/m. I was up at 6 sneezing and sniffling like crazy! I got up around 7:30 after getting Sam love n cuddles not once but twice… I had some coffee and was going to shower but never could get the water the right temp for some reason so I gave up lol.

We had gravy, meat, biscuits , potatoes and eggs. We didn’t stay very long afterwards , just got Davids hair cut  and left right after because David gets really itchy after a haircut! Then we came home and hung out for a little while and around 11:30 we sent some packages off at UPS and took Marley for a bath at 12!

We ended up sitting on the patio for a little while and even let Sam come out and join! long story short we can’t let sam out on the porch like we had hoped we would be able to let him do, unless you keep him away from the far end because there is a building that bumps up to our patio – well the roof. I will try to take a pic and show you what I mean sometime. lets just say he can get on top of it!

I finally had enough sneezing and sniffling I ended up taking a part of a benadryl to fight it off. I lump this under allergies to these vile blooming things: ragweed, golden rod, various grass, and Honeysuckle–according to my dad. I had already took an Allegra but it wasn’t knocking it.

2 hours later they hadn’t called to tell me to pick her up and with David having to leave at 3 or so because this is church volunteer week..so we just went ahead back up there to pick her up. I really am not sure what the hold up was. Usually we aren’t in a hurry and I like the gal and I know Marley likes her or I would probably find someone else. Plus she is cheap as can be so..

We barely get back home and David had to leave for volunteering. I had planned to do a few things but I finally just got to where I couldn’t fight the benadryl anymore so I went to sleep. I was in and out there for a while… I finally got up to watch the live stream of church to find out I had missed the beginning. Meh. It isn’t our preacher this week anyways as far as I know so.. I will just catch it later. or tomorrow. or whatever lol.

Right now I am going to go take a shower for real and maybe sit outside some more. I had hoped to clean out our freezer, maybe work on my closet a bit and la la la but I don’t really care ..always time for it later! … as in.. .all day tomorrow since David volunteers practically all day (8-2 ish ) on Sundays!

later gators