busy busy bee


Today is one of those 73 degree February days.. oh wait.. even though I do live in the south, that doesn’t sound right does it? lol

I am fighting off some wicked cold, then again.. what else is new right? I went to bed about 9 p.m last night and david & I decided to watch COAL on netflix (we restarted it) so I think it really helped me with starting to feel better.

I didn’t get to go tanning yesterday because I was a bit red from the day before, and I didn’t want to risk burning…I don’t want any flashbacks from 2 years ago thank you very much (that’s when the bed i was going to changed bulbs didn’t tell me and oh yeah, I blistered!)

I started wii fit again today. I also hope to cut the soda back out and go to water, teas, and juices…

I am really happy that I decided to bring back grits-reviews in a way..or not bring it back I guess but to use it more for it’s intended purpose, which is to let others submit their reviews. I never intended it to be an adult site, but hey, that’s what it was ment to be .. then so be it! It has actually helped me out fairly decently with not having to wory about money or anything  which is awesome 🙂 I am really shocked at how people have been offering to sponsor the site, it’s awesome!

I think I’m going to try to do most of my grits posting on the weekends, as in auto schedule everything on the weekends and try to do most of my housework and autumn-rain work through the week..but we’ll see how it goes…

My plans for today include: trying to figure something out for dinner (BAH!) Straightening up the house a bit, trying to straighten my hair (first and foremost lol) and perhaps going walking later.

catch ya later gators, have a great day!