Busy Busy Week Ahead

Hey Everyone!

I had to get up not so bright, but pretty early to go follow David to take the car to drop it off to be inspected and drop him off at work.  We are having trouble deciding if we want to sell it to someone else for MORE money (probably about double) or even keep it since it only took $145 to get it fixed (100 of that was a battery). I really would like to opt to sell it to this guy that bought my other car and make more money but we’ll see how it goes I guess. I don’t think it is a good idea to sell a 1990 model car that has sat for 5 years to someone in the family, especially someone who knows NOTHING about cars. I just have this feeling that anything that goes wrong we are going to get nit picked to death and such.David wanted me to come eat lunch with him , so when I did I just had him bring me back home and let him take the car …that way I don’t have to be out in 5:00 traffic!  He will just leave the car out at the gas station and then I guess tomorrow he’ll have to get alex down here so we can sign the title? I don’t know.. I might be wrong with the way things keep changing..  I know that I need him to get Sam some food and I need a couple things at walmart (green tea and something for lunch tomorrow) OY lol.I really am out of dinner ideas, and when I asked David what to make for dinner he told me to just make this box of pasta salad that I have so I was like GREAT I can get on board with that just in a sec lol because it won’t take long AT ALL. I am not really very hungry today anyways so worked right out!  I always say I am going to scour pinterest and cookbooks and even my old magazines for recipes and never do. I have this great plan to tear all the recipes I want from my magazines out and make a notebook with them in it.. maybe sometime soon right?I really need to hit high blogging gear and get a few things done here on the site before the weekend because it is the Carolina Blogger Meetup! I don’t know this is a pretty exciting week.. BIG A REVEAL on PLL tomorrow and Carolina Blogging meetup too ;)well i’m out.. got to see what I can do on the domestic side before David  gets home 🙂 probably just put some dishes up and make the bed 🙂
oh and take M out again!