busy with something different than usual

Hey everyone! At least this is one week I can say I might not have spent it working on my blogs or in the house but at least I can tell you I haven’t been being lazy. I have been helping out a friend with launching a virtual assistant paid portion on her blog. I will tel you more about that later on though! I have to say though it is TOTALLY amazing and there will be lots of awesome goodies added in the future , as well as a private facebook group! I think I have about 2 more video/pod casts to watch and 3 or 4 articles and I will be totally done. Not to worry though I will def. be going back through and taking more in depth notes πŸ™‚

My mom made it back home right around noon today, and I am REALLY excited. I want to go visit her but I am holding out and letting her have some alone time because I am sure she needs it. I was going to call her while ago but I figure she could possibly be asleep because she is so wore out from helping my grandma so.. I will just wait it out πŸ™‚

We are going to TRY TRY TRY to get my grandma and grandpa down here for the winter. This is something that my mom and dad apparently had in the works BEFORE my grandma got hurt… but now it would really be helpful with my mom and having to travel and everything. My mom could well get stuck THERE or even come back home and get stuck HERE because of the winter weather. I know most people cannot believe it when I tell them this but my grandma is 20 minutes from a main hardtop road and an HOUR to a store/dr/hospital . Here we are 5 minutes from almost anything , the weather won’t be bad and the most we would have to travel might be 30 minutes. It really would just be best for all involved if they would come on down. I would probably become beyond attached more than I already am!

My grandma had went yesterday VERY hopeful to get her surgery yesterday or today and they ended up having to post pone it for another 10 days πŸ™ her blistering is REALLY bad from the fever in her legs and where she has diabetes…she was REALLY sad about it and took it really hard. She is 75 and she is one of those people that never sit still …Β  It might be up to 6 months before she even can get back to normal so this is really hitting hard….

I just wanted to take a quick minute and update.. I am getting ready to be domestic for a few minutes and then David should be home soon from work! I know that they had a steak dinner today for lunch so I guess I will be on my own for dinner lol

more later I promise