Cacti Day, GREY, Water Pumps & More

DRlogofor AROh Wow, did I really not write here since TUESDAY of last week? OY lol. Well, let me see if I can catch things up a bit. I started several random posts I just never published them apparently lol. Anyways…

Wednesday was my and Davids 8th anniversary..WHEE.. We ended up going into L-Town to eat at one of the 3 places I like to eat up there lol. We had originally planned to go to PF Changs but I knew we could go up there and get an awesome meal for way less and we hadn’t ate there since we moved – which was over a year ago. I think it is because I have a mad popeyes fetish and we usually eat there when we go that way. Anyways they had changed and taken my angry orchard off tap so that sucked, and then my favorite cut of steak has always been a new york strip and they didn’t have that so I got a ribeye, which I generally am not a fan of. Anyways it was great meal 🙂

Thursday I don’t really remember too much about – i know that sometime late in the day I got the book GREY by EL JAMES and I spent most of the evening /night reading it. This was the day on our weather app that had a cactus by it and said EXTREMELY HOT so I called it cacti day lol

Friday  I ended up staying up when David left and reading the rest of the book. It was fine, if you liked the 50 shades set you would probably enjoy it. I know it had some repeats in it but it was still worth it , and I actually plan to read back through it and savor it this time lol There is a book coming out tomorrow by Holly Madison who was Hefs former girlfriend and I can’t wait to read it as well 🙂 I seriously think I might sit out on the patio and read tomorrow 🙂 I did lots of random domestic type stuff that day and my parents water pump went out so they had to come over to take showers late that evening.

Saturday was- well.. David was in this go go go mood and my allergies were killing me and for some reason I am always crashed on Saturdays it seems. Anyways we went to G-town and ended up eating at the pizza buffet just up the road that I like. Then we ended up going to H-ville for a bit too. When we came home I tried to nap because we planned to go to church. Anyways his mom showed up so that didn’t pan out .. Ended up watching church online and that was pretty much that.

Yesterday we didn’t do too awful much- ended up spending 3 hours last night at my mom and dads helping pull the pump out of the well and then putting another pump in- theirs was burned up after all/a piece had broken off. we had a momentary scare that the well was dry because my dad knows at 60ft depth they are supposed to hit water even though the well is 250 deep …well.. when he first measured the string was twisted so they really did get lucky there..

Today I had thought my mom was going to get wine making supplies and that she was hinting she wanted me to go with her but she must have changed her mind because she never brought it back up so.. I am kinda just doing a few things in the house and vegging out in front of the tv.  I am telling you reading/tv and just simple things is the way to go 🙂

Also 3 years ago today is when my DRAMA happened, and try as I may to forget It is rooted in my subconscious and even when I don’t really think about it , sometimes it kinda haunts me a bit. thankfully it went WAY better than I could have hoped and all that and I am glad it is OVER 🙂

well.. I am gonna get off of here and see what else I can get done house wise.. David is finally fussing about the yardsale stuff so I might actually have to have it this weekend so I might do a fresh sweep through the entire house since it has been so long since I started lol

More later of course!