cake, he past and i still want some cake

I am pissed off as hell right now… I was gonna eat the last piece of angel food cake with some cool whip..of course by the time i got to it it was gone.

I wouldnt be SO pissed if this hadnt happened like 10x in the last 3 days..

so i am having a cake craving problem. david doesnt have his phone with him or i’d have him stop and pick me up something on his way home

and speaking of david.. he sure does spend a whole lot of time with his parents lately. *rolls eyes* oh i’ll let that one go for tonight.

i have been thinking about writing a series of posts about things from my past that most of you all don’t know about..simply because most of us only go back a few months/a year or so.

the only reason i want to write them is to clear my mind of a few things…i dont know. we’ll see how it goes.


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    sometimes writing about things from the past – and present – makes me feel a lot better. At least for me, it allows me to see things objectively and in a different light, and I sometimes change my mind about the situation or feel more strongly about it. 🙂

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    Aw, I’m sorry the cake was gone. That’s always frustrating when someone eats something you were planning on eating. I started labeling things that I wanted.