can’t think of a title :(

Well apparently tuesday was my day this week so to speak! I haven’t managed to get anything really going ever since! I think wedneseday could have panned out for me, but I ended up going out with my mom and it took up the bulk of my day. We went “couponing” so to speak.

At walmart and including her 15 buck tablet screen protectors and 5 buck rotary cutter refill) It was 101 bucks!! When the coupons came off, and still including those items …it was 54 bucks! if you subtract the 20, she got all of her goodies for like 30ish bucks!  I should have kept better notes on what costed what/took pictures but I didn’t 🙁 I know we got some friskies cat treats for 42 cent each though! sam was a happy boy!

We went up to good will and got a piece of fabric to make my nook cover out of. that’s right. … i caved in. I am getting a nook color. I found it on and couldn’t resist it! it was only 130 which was pretty much half of if i’d have bought it at b&n so.. yeah!!  I still plan to keep my kindle of course, since I did pay alot for it +it does have the 3g on it as well!

Then we went back by walmart and ate subway, went to CVS and she got some sort of deals.. lol I honestly can’t remember. I really need to take notes so I can broaden this site and post the deals and stuff. I might go raid her FB afterwhile and get some of those things up.

Then we went to walgreens..and david called. My phone is so being a piece of u know what lately. I took it off charge at 9 a/m and by 11 it was dead? ugh? so anyways my dad was coming home early, but he was staying until reg. time..because of weather. we got some things in walgreens like starbucks drinks for .25 each and I got 2 12 pks of cotonelle for .93 cent total!

Yesterday is pretty much a blur. I started coughing alot and my lungs started feeling heavy and wet. I know that sounds weird but if you have ever had it happen to you  you understand what i’m saying! I did manage to keep up with most of the house work except clothes, and ..thats about it!

Today i’m trying to get as much as I can online/house especially done because It will be the last chance I have until monday probably! I don’t really get alot done on the weekends in the house…

I am seriously hoping to get some pics of coupon deals and other misc things up on here asap..we’ll see how it goes right? 🙂

more later