Can’t wait for the Elevation Cd Recording Concert!

DRlogofor ARHey Everyone!

well the weekend came and went in a flash! I did manage to write on all 3 of the reviews I needed to work on over the weekend. I kind of tag teamed them and was writing on them all at one time- I know it sounds weird but it works for me 🙂 I hope I can get them up on the blog in the next week or 2 🙂

David took Friday off, not that I am really sure why- all he did was play his war game on his phone. On Saturday his mom had invited herself over WEEKS ago for his birthday and all of a sudden it was like a family reunion up in my house. To top it all of EVERYONE including his DAD went to church with us. I think his mom liked it , she seemed into it but his dad got up at some point and went and sat at the back instead of coming back and sitting with all of us.

I had found out BEFORE church started that the church is doing a big cd recording concert again this year. We missed the one last year by 2 weeks because we started going to church RIGHT after they had done it. They do this at the time warner cable arena in charlotte and there were like 14,000 people there last year when they did it!  We were really bummed we missed it after the fact. Anyways – I had tried to order tickets before church because they were online but they still had it password protected. When we got to church I checked with resources and they said after church they would be available. They were a suggested donation of $10 each so we went ahead and got ours! The concert last year was August 1 and this year it is July 31. It is also at the place where we went to winterjam.. hopefully we can get there EARLY and I won’t have to sit in the scary tilty upper levels!

Sunday is a blur- I know we went out and got Subs late in the afternoon at the grocery store and I picked up a few things at walmart- other than that- I don’t know lol

Yesterday I had no plans to go to my mom and dads- I generally go on Wed or Thurs but I went ahead and went over there because I kinda wasnt in the mood for much else. I got my hair cut, we went to goodwill and then we had dinner over there. I kind of had a case of the “blues” yesterday evening but luckily got over them after talking to Charli on facebook chat.

Today has been mostly washing clothes and changing sheets and all that kind of thing- that never ends right? I am hoping to get a few things going here online before the end of the day and maybe tomorrow can be a do all the blogging thing day for me 🙂

later gators!