I spent ALL Day yesterday gettin those 14 documents done .. it was a mess i’m telling you. I dont want to ever be in that sittuation ever again. I am actually gonna try my hardest to start on the next unit tonight and format them tommorow that way robyn can help me look at them for errors
I came home and shadow scared me to the ends of the earth
he was hobbling around on 3 of his paws. I kept thinking he was trying to hit at duke, but i was like why is he walking like that. then i noticed the way he was like holding it, and i started thinking he broke his arm!
after closer inspection i noticed he had his claw hooked up around his collar. *relief* funny now but i was like OMG my baby lol
I got my medical office basic certificate in the mail today so that was nice. I have to make another trip to the main campus to pick up my petition for graduation…I hate going over there.
well i say this now, but as far as i know updates will be resuming to a more regular pace around here. I need to clean up my house, but other than that things should be caught up in a day or so. i hate getting behind!!
well i’ll catch ya all lates
xx ng